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Attempts To Make News Look Interesting [25 May 2007|06:40am]
Most news sites try to organize headlines as an simple list in sequential descending importance and age . . . ZZzzzzzzzzzzz. NewsMap spices it up by giving me colors and sizes my attention deficit disorder brain can analyze and dismiss in a couple of seconds. If only it could be like Fox News and somehow tell me what my opinion is on each story.
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Joost, Like Sly Stallone and Barry Bonds [24 May 2007|06:32am]
We are getting closer to where we want to be. What we have here is a system that quickly delivers (mostly) quality video content at a high-resolution with a tight user-interface on a channel-like platform. For free. They need to figure out how to make the random channel surfing a little more customized and somehow move from my computer chair to my couch, but I'm impressed. Joost, get an invite to the beta here.
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I'm Only Taking This Because You Said I Couldn't [23 May 2007|06:31am]
It isn't like I really want a copy of any of the shit on YouTube. There is just something infuriating about the way their site won't let you copy the videos. I navigated to their site, I looked at the stupid banner ads, it is playing on my computer, why can't I have a copy? Oh look, now I can, and it is really easy. Me: 1, YouTube:1,650,000,000.
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Your Wall Is My Movie Screen [22 May 2007|06:30am]
Something else spotted at Maker Faire 2007, the MobMov crew hooks up impromptu drive-in movies projected from their Mobile-Movie-Mobiles onto the walls of unsuspecting buildings. I'd like to suggest a screening of Caligula on the side of the Children's Hospital near my apartment. Oh the irony.
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Maker Faire 2007 [21 May 2007|06:29am]
Found myself at the nerd faire this year and it was hot! Among bar-tending robots, flame-thrower fire trucks, projection graffiti, and laser-etching laser beams I found this Prius. Hacked to reach more than 100 miles per gallon. The future is now.
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Visual Comparisons of Length and Girth [18 May 2007|06:28am]
Let's say I've got something you think you want, but there is some other guy who also has one. Sizeasy allows you to punch in measurements supplied by me and the other guy for visual three-dimensional comparison. You can even punch in other sizes; say you used to have one from an ex-boyfriend that you also want to use as reference in your decision. This excellent tool will help you get a grasp on what you really want.
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More Comic Strip Sugar Coated Goodness [17 May 2007|06:27am]
Cute. Like a sharp stick poking you in the eye.
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This Ain't No Picnic [16 May 2007|06:25am]
Upload and edit your photos with this web-based photo editor before sticking them on Flickr. I have nothing cute to say about this, it just works.
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Fuck Off, I'm Busy [15 May 2007|12:24am]
Too many chat windows popping up while you are trying to get things done? Here's a link for your friends to enjoy instead of bugging you.
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Bringing You Closer To Your Fellow Theives [14 May 2007|06:22am]
Tribler is another bittorrent client trying to unseat Azureus and [micro]-torrent as the free-shit-getter de jour. The angle this time is social networking, the ability to find other people that download the same crap you do and mingle. Tribler also offers built-in media players like Democracy to give you that channel-surfing effect. While this is another great tool, the Achilles heal is the unreasonable waits to get to find out if something is cool or not.
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Google Makes Relocating Internet Porn Easier [11 May 2007|06:21am]
Another toy coming out of Google Labs, the boys in Mountain View continue their attempt to bring you 52 new things in 52 weeks with Google Notebook. Notebook is a browser plug in that allows you to make quick notes while you are browsing the tubes and keep those notes in a consolidated web-document with a link back to the page. It seems simple enough, but it helps me remember why I thought something was cool enough to bookmark so I can put it here.
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Rumble In The Jungle [10 May 2007|12:17am]
The ultimate in wildlife action. Tigers chase Water Buffalo and steal baby calf for lunch. Crocodile fights tigers for baby calf. Water buffalo attack tigers and save baby calf. None of this is a colloquialism for a sex act. Yet.
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I Get To Pick The Places [09 May 2007|06:53am]
Adult Swim has a new show out and they were nice enough to put the pilot episode online for everyone to enjoy. I highly recommend this for anyone who likes macabre gore and swashbucklage in their cartoons.
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Soylent Green is people! [08 May 2007|05:42am]
Some of the best spoilers ever, most of which you already know.
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Also, Not For People With Internet Acess [07 May 2007|05:19am]
Not For Tourists is a great series of city guides. I'm especially fond of the Los Angeles edition. For some reason, they've decided to put the entire book online in PDF format. This is cool, except I don't know why they also stuck it on store shelves at $22 a pop when they know how pissed off suckers are going to be when they see the free version online.
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Boffy The Vampire Layer [04 May 2007|05:16am]
Comic Book DB attempts to take its place as the IMDB of comic books. This is your quick reference to find out if Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, or Frank Miller have ever written anything you haven't read. You can even look up every series Eros Comix has ever published and learn about series you didn't know existed, like "Boffy The Vampire Layer"! If you did already know about that one, then congratulations sicko. Now get off my site.
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Your Media, Everywhere, All The Time [03 May 2007|06:37am]
Coolest thing I've found in a long, long time. Orb turns your home computer into a media server allowing you to access photos, movies, music, and other files from any web browser. I do mean ANY web browser, IE, FireFox, Wii, PS3, Xbox360, cell phone. The UI molds itself to fit your browser's size and downgrades your media files based on connection speed for smooth playing.

I'm going to write more than normal to just hit this point home. Use bittorrent to download 500GB of movies, tv shows, music files and throw your entire photo collection on that drive. Then start Orb on that computer. Now go to work and listen to your entire MP3 library through your browser. Come over to my house and start up the Wii and watch all the TV shows on the drive. Go to my brother's house and watch your movie collection on his Xbox360. Go to lunch with your girlfriend and use your cell phone to show off the photos you took in India.

It is the freaking future.
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Two Music Entries In Two Days [02 May 2007|06:09am]
If you don't like music, ... sorry. Finetune has been a favorite online music player of mine for a while. They've just released their new desktop client allowing you to listen to music without using your web browser. What is really cool about this player is that it uses Adobe's Apollo system allowing for AJAX style programming on desktop client applications. Think of it like Web 2.0 UI in Windows applications.
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Yes, I've heard of every band you could possibly name [01 May 2007|06:05am]
Critical Metrics offers a sophisticated music discovery tool be aggregating reviews and popularity from all major music news sources, blogs, and online retailers along with their slick online player. This allows you to follow up on the artists, albums, and tracks that Alternative Press, Pitchfork, and Blender are raving about and stay cooler than your friends.
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Books Suck [30 Apr 2007|06:59am]
Not that the words in books necessarily suck, but books as a media suck. Books aren't multi-task-friendly. We can't stop what we're doing to read a book, we've got shit to do. DailyLit helps combat this by sending you an email with a little part of your book each day. So you can get your reading done while you a checking your email, which we always have time for. Their catalog of books isn't that great yet, but they are free.
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